Friday, August 29, 2014

the journey of a thousand miles ..

i have been taking some little steps 
one at a time
building a website

a place for my work to have a home
and an identity

it has required that i get better at documentation
that i write some words
but mostly that i gather up where i have been and what i have done 
and what i think of all that
and believe

coz of course 
believing is the biggest step
for those not born with that as an inbuilt app 
[ i wonder if it is available on iTunes ? ]

 this belief is very largely as a result of dear friends ..
those down the road 
those at the end of an email
and those i like to go on road trips with

here is me in 2010
on my way home from living in the US
at India Flint's class in New Zealand
the first meeting with someone who was to become a friend
 and a wonderful supportive believer

it seems
a lot has changed since then
for sure
 not so much
those green long pants , that green t shirt 
and that navy hoodie i was wearing just yesterday

my hair is not that long again

and on the inside
 just as i was then
 i am still this girl

middle sister of three
wearing clothes my mother made 

with very bad haircuts 

enough of memory lane
this is beginning to sound like a *logie acceptance speech

please visit me here

and let me know what you think 

* for non australian readers the Logies is our annual film and television awards night

Friday, August 22, 2014

the whole person

i have mentioned it before 
my kids school moto was 

having all parts of the body
the emotional , physical and spiritual 
in peak condition
can only make for a longer and happier life ...
no brainer huh ...

last night on tv
 a science show
explored the world of our gut bacteria
and the many millions of forms these bacteria take
and how having the wrong kind allowed to grow and take over
 equals all kinds of health issues

with links to
multiple sclerosis
and the list goes on

a tribe in Africa that has lead an existence very close to that followed for hundreds of years
 was studied 
+ the amount of fibre they ate ..
+ the diversity of good gut bacteria was quantified ..

these people are full of a vast array of good gut bacteria
simple foods
full of fibre
phenomenal health

here is a link to the CATALYST show from last night
where among other things 
they tell of a place in Boulder Colorado
The American Gut Project
where you can send your poop to have it analysed for what kind of bacteria is growing 
and this can identify what kind of good or bad diet you are ingesting !

there is a transcript here also if the video does not work

then this morning i find this article in my inbox

for me this is all good news
i love high fibre natural food
i know i feel better when that is the bulk 
[ no pun intended ] 
of my diet 
raw is even better
[ no cooking ! and less washing up ! ]

i once heard this for when considering what is eaten ...
does this meal still LOOK like the food that was 
in its original condition?

the closer to original the better for you


this is what is on my stove this morning
definitely whole
in this case not food 

this is to look after the creative bits 
[ today's fun ] 
of my whole self

he he

ps. i am currently working on a piece to go in a sculpture exhibition
the delivery of which will entail a plane flight
then a road trip
a visit to a fab botanic gardens
and maybe an even longer roadtrip thru the great wide unknown land

yep feeling very whole .....


Friday, August 8, 2014

i am australian

3 strings
1 voice
 this is spine chilling and tear making and so beautiful 
... we are australian

Monday, August 4, 2014

what will you do today?

i am asked most days 
very early
in the chilly winter darkness
 the sun just peeping over the distant treeline
marking the beginning.
and then i am alone.

sometimes i answer and sometimes i don't

sometimes there is a list of TO DO
take ma to the .....
domestic beautification and cleanliness chores

sometimes there is a vision of empty unclaimed space
like this

full of possibility
and quiet
when i will dig a little deeper
think a little longer
take a twist 
or a turn
as the unfolding unfolds 

 the second hand moves silently
 another day

Friday, July 18, 2014

artmaking is making the invisible, visible ..... Marcel Duchamp

i would like to share this article with people
 who are interested

the words of Squeak Carnwath
say profoundly
and very eloquently
those which 
 i have been thinking, 
albeit very vaguely,
 and without such assurance,
 to myself 
just lately

like a good painting 
it has resonated with some part of me

these words are from 1993

quick sketch of coming home

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

finding my legs

i have many times been asked if i sell things that i stitch
my reply has always been no
they were too close to my evolution
my story too embedded in each stitch to let go

over time
as things appear from the end of my needle
and i feel more comfortable that this is me 
and not some strange force producing the work
and that the TIME given over from MY ONE LIFE 
to create this stuff
is okay
[ there is always a struggle with monetary value and time 
coz time is the most valuable thing
along with love i suppose
ooo and health 
maybe a blue sky too ... ]

i have decided i will do that
sell some stitched things
mostly because they are here
in a box

i will put something in that store today
coz i can

there is a lot to be said for letting go
i think

*editors note
so i wrote this post in my usual completely spontaneous way
went off to continue at the metals bench and thought
i need to add freedom to that list of valuable things

and i suppose that list could become a little endless...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

doings and makings

flight path back in june
heading north

 to wake up here
trinity beach 
cairns northern beaches
max 27 degrees C
min 18 degrees C

 first stop
cairns regional gallery
and noticing how well miracle man blends in

then off  to rusty's markets in central cairns
for uber fresh everything 
and some bilums and buka baskets if you are lucky 

 up to the tablelands behind the coast
kuranda railway station
for me you cannot beat boards painted white and tropical vegetation

and a little further inland 
a monet painting

 mareeba wetlands gloriousness

 and an unmovable beast wondering why we are in his way

the road heading north to post douglas is one of those heartswooning drives
all blue ocean 
and green mountains
and sandy beaches

and sometimes a beach of well rounded stones

 the point at port douglas 
where the sunday markets hold locally made treasure
that makes one think 
how much can i stuff into my carry on ?

further north is mossman gorge
now honoured by a wonderful visitors centre
and by restricting car and foot traffic
 in this sensitive area

our final day in the north was my birthday
and all  my birthday wishes were complete

with a swing by the flecker botanical gardens


it seems each year my internal compass 
pulls me a little further north

which of course has me thinking of a song
this one by queenslander
graeme connors
is from way back in 1988
[ and from the video when smoking was much more tolerated ]
but shows some great old footage of sydney
heading north past the cane fields
going through the gold coast
some wonderful old ungentrified queenslander homes
and to the beach

he comes from mackay 
midway between brisbane and cairns 
* a local *

since my return 
i have found some new calm
and done some of this

up in the tropics
acrylic on canvas
[ iphones do not represent true colour but this will do ..]

a liitle close up of the bottom section

some back and forth

and some making with wonderful yellow gold scraps 
left from other work

 the sky is been blue