Friday, April 11, 2014

if life were a race

if life were a race
i would be so far at the back of the pack just at the moment
i think all well wishers would have gone home before i crossed the line

i am slow
constantly side tracked
and venturing down bush tracks
when i know at this time i am meant to stay on the highway
if i want to get to the finish line

good news is
i am pretty much done with my metal orders
one tiny bit of metal cooling so that i can work with it
do the work
and tick the last box

[ and thank you to very patient peeps who are soon to have a parcel in the mail ]

i have been sidetracked by many things
TED talks
and this morning
June Carter Cash
and her final album Wildwood Flower


my friend popped in to lend it to me
to see if i enjoyed this older version of June's voice

i put in on and immediately had to google where it sat in her lifetime
recorded Sept 18 and 19 2002
and google told me this was 8 months before she passed away

it sat pretty much at the end

and then i found a wonderful you tube piece showing her recording 
Wild wood Flower for this album
and then this piece about June and Johnny Cash

by Sarah Vowell

and it was Sarah 's commentary that had me captivated
she has not been on my radar before ....
the words and her accent !

anyhow all this
 and time has passed
and so i get back to the
 if life were a race statement ..
and think

if life were a race ?

what would be the prize ?

* as the answer to this question is large and elusive i am going to now insert a fav image from Leunig
for your entertainment
[ oops this looks like another bush track detour ! ]

just as a tiny addition here
i have had a number of people speak to me about my not making jewellery anymore

i am sorry if my message was confusing ..
what i was saying is
i really had to not take anymore commission type work as i simply got too many orders
[ plus i am about to go camping for a bit , yahoooooo ! ]

i do hope that now i have completed all those orders
i will get time to add things to the shop
my design
 and for sale 
ready to go
[ well imperfect actually as that is my thing ] 



Monday, April 7, 2014

i love TED talks

i spend a lot of time
physically singularly by my self

lately i have taken to watching TED talks in the morning
it is like having a really good conversation with a really intelligent buddy
cept i don't have to talk back
 out loud

i do get to think alot tho
 about new ways
of seeing 
and reflecting
and just going 

i loved this one this morning

The Habit of Happiness 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

looking and seeing

this morning out of the laundry window
the most magical reflection of an autumn day

and this tree

and when i moved the pool cleaner out of view
more magic happened

i saw the sun arrive in a straight line

and the mushrooms

finding a way

into a life 

i love autumn


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

deep breathing

i have just been to nia
to do some dancing

and to help me decide a few things

i have been on a fast ride lately
if lately could equal one year i guess ?

with much swirling on the inside
even tho for many many days
 life was restricted by back and forth
and to waiting
and to listening
and to tending to
and to waiting
and to hoping
and to sobbing
and to waiting
and to head shaving 
and to celebrating

what i have been
 through out all this
is a quiet sensitive soul 
trying hard to ignore 
or to manage
the hurricane on the inside

and that hurricane seems to not be abating

so i have decided to take shelter

i am for now going to shut up shop for a bit
finish all the jewellery orders i currently have
[ and thank you so much to all those that have ordered ]

and then spend some time 
taking anchor out of the wind
in a quiet inlet
to just walk on the white sand
feel the sun on my body
look at the pure white shells
and the rippling water

pick up driftwood and marvel at its weathered beauty
and breathe

  do some more of this for sure

coz this feels good 


and as a tiny postscript
 i would like to truly thank all those folk who i have never met in the real world
[ whatever that is ? ]
and those i have 
who have been of great support to me through out my turbulent year
and my request for donations
who drop by here letting me know they are listening
 and they get it 
this thing called ' a life ' ...

some flowers for you

Monday, March 24, 2014

in a lifetime

i am not sure how many truly BIG days one has in a lifetime
milestone birthdays

well one such a day happened at my house yesdy

a shave for a cure  
and a one year on from the diagnosis
and a  ain't it great to be alive
 rocked on all afternoon

my friend Kath performed non stop for 5 hours
there was fab food all made by my lovely friend Libby
and there was clapping and singing and maraca shaking

my mother who is the other side of 80
did a few solo dances 
just she and her maraca
[ you can see the music thing is in the genes ]

and mostly there was a feeling of 
the outside garden room that is 

it was a big day of gratitude and love
the odd teary eye
the occasional big bunch of roses
much laughter
and much much happiness to be the other side of the previous year

and today this is pretty much how it all seemed to me 

plus for a while there i pretended it was 1979 
which is when i first saw James perform live here in Festival Hall Brisbane
back in the day when i really could hold a tune 

was a great day
how sweet it is 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mental health day

and paint

painting from my insides out

no judgement attached 

no end in sight