Friday, July 18, 2014

artmaking is making the invisible, visible ..... Marcel Duchamp

i would like to share this article with people
 who are interested

the words of Squeak Carnwath
say profoundly
and very eloquently
those which 
 i have been thinking, 
albeit very vaguely,
 and without such assurance,
 to myself 
just lately

like a good painting 
it has resonated with some part of me

these words are from 1993

quick sketch of coming home

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

finding my legs

i have many times been asked if i sell things that i stitch
my reply has always been no
they were too close to my evolution
my story too embedded in each stitch to let go

over time
as things appear from the end of my needle
and i feel more comfortable that this is me 
and not some strange force producing the work
and that the TIME given over from MY ONE LIFE 
to create this stuff
is okay
[ there is always a struggle with monetary value and time 
coz time is the most valuable thing
along with love i suppose
ooo and health 
maybe a blue sky too ... ]

i have decided i will do that
sell some stitched things
mostly because they are here
in a box

i will put something in that store today
coz i can

there is a lot to be said for letting go
i think

*editors note
so i wrote this post in my usual completely spontaneous way
went off to continue at the metals bench and thought
i need to add freedom to that list of valuable things

and i suppose that list could become a little endless...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

doings and makings

flight path back in june
heading north

 to wake up here
trinity beach 
cairns northern beaches
max 27 degrees C
min 18 degrees C

 first stop
cairns regional gallery
and noticing how well miracle man blends in

then off  to rusty's markets in central cairns
for uber fresh everything 
and some bilums and buka baskets if you are lucky 

 up to the tablelands behind the coast
kuranda railway station
for me you cannot beat boards painted white and tropical vegetation

and a little further inland 
a monet painting

 mareeba wetlands gloriousness

 and an unmovable beast wondering why we are in his way

the road heading north to post douglas is one of those heartswooning drives
all blue ocean 
and green mountains
and sandy beaches

and sometimes a beach of well rounded stones

 the point at port douglas 
where the sunday markets hold locally made treasure
that makes one think 
how much can i stuff into my carry on ?

further north is mossman gorge
now honoured by a wonderful visitors centre
and by restricting car and foot traffic
 in this sensitive area

our final day in the north was my birthday
and all  my birthday wishes were complete

with a swing by the flecker botanical gardens


it seems each year my internal compass 
pulls me a little further north

which of course has me thinking of a song
this one by queenslander
graeme connors
is from way back in 1988
[ and from the video when smoking was much more tolerated ]
but shows some great old footage of sydney
heading north past the cane fields
going through the gold coast
some wonderful old ungentrified queenslander homes
and to the beach

he comes from mackay 
midway between brisbane and cairns 
* a local *

since my return 
i have found some new calm
and done some of this

up in the tropics
acrylic on canvas
[ iphones do not represent true colour but this will do ..]

a liitle close up of the bottom section

some back and forth

and some making with wonderful yellow gold scraps 
left from other work

 the sky is been blue



Monday, June 16, 2014

wish i had music playing

when you go into that shop of mine
least ways you could sing along to that when there is nothing much to look at

[ ok then so here am inserting an image of something TO look at 
a Peruvian blanket sofa that i love ... do not have where it is from sorry  ]

on the weekend i decided to get it together and finish some things and fill the shelves
only to have a drive by relative come in search of gifts
yep a sale of earrings which is good
but now i have less to tantalise 
to mesmorise
to woo you with

i am going to pop some things here
and then put them there

the story is that with the full moon
and mercury in retrograde
[ and i am cancerian ....swish, sway ]
i have come to a crossroads

time to take a new direction as the story i had been telling may be finished
[ at least for now ]
and i am taking a turn
left or right ...?
direction dyslexic i do not know
another direction for a bit
with this metal working

i am thinking new ways

so here they are the lucky last

a pod front and back 
based on the sand dollar i picked up on a beach near cooktown

sand dollar earrings with little black jade beads

my conch shell earrings that want to go portrait
when really on your ear they do stay as landscape 

and these little guys
tree of life motif
that are going to become handbag style earrings 

these have been etched some weeks apart 
hand drawn you can see they are related
 but not twins 
identical or fraternal
more like sisters

if you live nearby and wish to email me directly about any of these
feel free

later this week i am heading north to the land of the sand dollar on the beach
empty beach


Thursday, June 12, 2014


 bound button holes in baggy britches
wintertime now ...

orchid in front of painting
with moody insta filter

another orchid in front of another painting
no filter

wonderful vintage awayo 
these folk have one of the most beautiful websites i have ever seen 

little vintage silk strip find
clergy stole 

finding an image of my work in a publicity brochure for the art school i attended for a short time last year
no name
no ask 
[ but i do feel special anyhow as there are millions of pieces of work done there and they chose mine ]
*perhaps millions is a teeny exaggeration 

getting back to it
tidied my metal space today
finally !!
landscape earrings for peeps [ me ] with still very short hair

today's inspirational words

[ from 107.1 The Monkey ]
and today's home truth 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


so basically i am a sharer at heart
of some things at least

this article found just now had some resonance 
in some kind of ways
so just in case there are some words here for you 

this TED talk from a while back has similar things to say 

and perhaps all of this has nothing for you
so for those peeps
here is a pix of my front garden
taken thru the screen
as i sat on a tiny box by the low front window
looking seeing breathing

'screenshot '

and a little video of my sky
with the sound of birds and the sprinkler playing in my garden 
[ which i really really hope works as i ain't tried to upload my own vids before ]

'skyshot '

okay already i know the video is not playing as i took it
some technological intervention required

think i dunnit now


Sunday, June 1, 2014

the befores and the afters and a story of balance

today is the day after the day before 
when another day telling me about balance occurred

and if you have already read India Flint's blog you will know what took place

and all this took place with that fine thing called balance
where India let me phaf about tweaking tiny things about my house and garden
before and during the event
and i let india take over my kitchen and big dyepot 
and i followed instructions when compiling glorious plates of highly curated food

and just to reinforce how well this balance works 
my pics will show you all the stuff from before and after
the pfaffing about stuff
and none of during
coz that is over on India's blog
all the glorious cloths and wonderful food morsels that made the day

 so here is me leading up to the big day ahead 
contemplating over breakfast by the window ..
today ?
water the garden
mow the lawn
clean the bathroom

 put flowers about the house in tiny vases

 put greenery about outside in big vases

dehead the roses

 water the garden

 wander about the garden making sure it is looking good

pick up India from the airport
 find a new big pot perfect for many more days of brewing up life
and test it out with a bit of a brew up

find some more things from the garden to pop about 

have some mad fun with setting the table 

get the bubbles on ice

so that is the before part

now for the after part
where there are no pictures unfortunately
only the sound of birds in the garden
and the happy slurping up of the left over delights in the fridge
isn't that often the best part?
having delightful leftovers strewn thru the fridge 
making for glorious left over meals for the following day ?

no clues as to what those left overs might be tho
as i am sure similar events and multi course meals and stories will take place
and seriously
being open to the delight of such a day 
and just letting it unfold
and to receive all that comes your way with an open heart
is a true joy to experience in this life

thanks India 

thanks friends who swung by to participate
i know for sure you who received the day went away happy